Team Photos--Mon. Dec. 10th 3:00pm at Bogan Park Pool

    Hello Everyone!

    Our team photos (and optional individual photos) will be taken next Monday (Dec. 10th) at 3:00 pm at Bogan Park Pool.  Everyone is expected to be there.

    Athletes should wear this year's team t-shirt and blue jeans.  Seniors should also bring some nice clothes for senior photos.  Accents of black and red always look great.

    There will be a group photo of the entire team.  Cady Studios will also take individuals photos if desired.  These photos are available for purchase.  Coach Nieman has photo form in his room, or students and parents can also order online at When you open this site, go to the "Athletics" tab.  Type in North Gwinnett High School in the "school" section. "Select the Event" tab and click on the "Swimming/Diving event 12/10/2018 to complete the form.

    Shannon Mahoney will also be taking photos that afternoon of the different classes and individuals who have already made state cuts or are close to making a state cut.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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