Message from our coaches

    The holidays are over.  Hopefully, sickness is coming to an end too.  We have 2 more dual meets the next two Friday nights.  Senior night is on Jan 18 to honor our seniors.  County is less than 3 weeks away.  

    NOW is the time to FINISH STRONG!!!  

    Over 70 swimmers and divers have qualified for County, and 28 have qualified for State. I know that those numbers can increase. Now is the time for everyone to do his/her part. Athletes need to be at practice and work on all the little things that will make a difference in your performance. Eat right, get rest, do your school work and be wise. Remember at Camp Swamp, you said that you wanted to win. Let's decide to do this and finish strong. NO EXCUSES!!! 

    Parents, plan on helping your athletes by scheduling appointments and activities around the practice and meet schedule. This is a commitment that everyone made by signing up for a Varsity High School Sport. Let us all Finish Strong. 

    The theme this year is "I Will ......" Everyone needs to fill in the dots (......) so that "We Will" reach the goals that the team set out at the beginning. Go Bulldogs! 

    Coach Nieman and Coach White."

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