Team Award Banquet Update

Hope this note finds our Bulldog Family well!  We are starting to plan for our team awards banquet and wanted to share our Tentative ideas:

1. We will confirm the date(s) of our team award banquet after the Gwinnett Summer Swim League announces their plans for this summer (hopefully by May 15)

2. The awards 'banquet' location is pending and most likely will not be held at the school.

3. We hope to hold our banquet in Early June,  with the week of June 1st- 5th being our best case scenario.

4. It is possible the banquet would be split over 2 days (boys and girls having a separate event) and have other restrictions in place.

We can't wait to celebrate all of our swimmers and diver!  We will look for the most practical option that allows us have a safe and fun event. Look for updates in the next few weeks. Also a separate update on the state ring ceremony to follow.

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